Invited Speakers

Meghyn  Bienvenu, LaBRI research lab, University of Bordeaux, France

Meghyn Bienvenu is a researcher, currently holding a CNRS senior researcher (directrice de recherche) position at the LaBRI research lab at the University of Bordeaux. She is the recipient of many prestigious awards, including a CNRS medal as well as an ACM PODS Alberto O. Mendelzqn Test-of-Time Award. She is very well known for her many contributions to the fields of knowledge representation and reasoning, description logics and data bases, focusing recently on how to handle inconsistencies within such systems. She has numerous publications in top-tier conferences and journals, such as IJCAI, KR or artificial intelligence journal, of which she is an associate editor.

Lluis Godo, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA), CSIC, Bellaterra, Spain

Lluis Godo is a researcher recognized for his various contributions in the field of logics and uncertainty models for artificial intelligence. He is a senior researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). His work primarily focuses on uncertainty in artificial intelligence, including fuzzy logic, possibilistic logic, conditional algebras, and approximate reasoning. He has authored numerous research papers and articles, presented at various international conferences, and served on the editorial boards of several prestigious journals. He is currently Co Editor-in-Chief of Fuzzy Sets and Systems Journal.  His expertise and research have significantly advanced the understanding and application of AI in handling uncertain and imprecise information.

Barbara Vantaggi, Dep. of Methods and Models for Economics, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy

Barbara Vantaggi is a researcher known for her work in the  domains of decision theory and reasoning under uncertainty, involving frameworks as varied as coherent previsions, Dempster-Shafer structures, possibility, and probability. She is a full professor at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). She has contributed to the field of uncertainty modeling by developing conditioning, coherence, and rationality notions for non-additive measures, non-linear functionals and envelopes of conditional expectations. Among other fields, she has applied her findings to financial modelling under ambiguity, solving problems such as pricing, portfolio selection and risk analysis problems in a dynamic and imprecise setting. She is the author of several papers in scientific conferences and journals and she serves in the editorial boards of several prestigious journals, such as Fuzzy Sets and Systems and International Journal of Approximate Reasoning.